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We are always happy to consider working alongside other craftspersons to achieve your desired result. Here are some examples of previous projects:

Goldfinch layon for MJ Cabinet Makers to incorporate into a bed head.

Marquetry picture of a goldfinch on a leafy twig

Bespoke restaurant cabinet for the Samling Hotel by Peter Hall & Son.

Hotel exterior Decorative Cabinet Decorative Cabinet

Bespoke box by Peter Hall & Son.

Decorative Box Decorative Box

Decorative Box

Bespoke box by Andrew Lawton with marquetry from photographs supplied by the client.

Interior of Decorative Box House Marquetry picture of house Garden Marquetry picture of garden Marquetry picture of garden

Music Box

Music box commissioned by leading Finnish artist Jani Ruscica and made in collaboration with box-maker Becca Hopkinson and silversmith Annette Petch. The design was drawn from a 1970s Russian cartoon film (still frame inset), so there was a lot of interpretation to be done. The box is the first work, called 'Piece No. 1 - (box)' in Jani's series 'Conversation in Pieces' which was exhibited in the Finnish National Gallery from March-September 2016.

Watch the original film on YouTube

Decorative Box

Bespoke boxes by Becca Hopkinson with designs supplied by the client.

Decorative box Close-up of box hinge Japanese scene Japanese scene in marquetry

Decorative Box Close-up of box interior Close-up of box interior Japanese scene Japanese scene

Decorative Box box interior

Decorative Box

Bespoke box by Ian Hawthorne with marquetry from design supplied by the client.

Painting of peacocks marquetry in preparation

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