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Specialist Items

Music Box

We are always ready to consider making items to your own specification. Or if you have only a basic idea of what you need let us bring our design talents to bear.

The first image shows a music box commissioned by leading Finnish artist Jani Ruscica and made in collaboration with box-maker Becca Hopkinson and silversmith Annette Petch. The design was drawn from a 1970s Russian cartoon film (still frame inset), so there was a lot of interpretation to be done. The box is the first work, called 'Piece No. 1 - ????????' (box), in Jani's new series 'Conversation in Pieces' which is going on exhibition in the Finnish National Gallery from March-September 2016.

Watch the original film on YouTube

Snare drum by Premier Drums

The next image shows a limited edition snare drum, designed exclusively for Premier Drums (Read the full story of this drum).

Other items include a guitar trim (made to cover a small area of damage on the face of the guitar), a skateboard deck, stands we prepared for a jeweller to display pendants, bracelets, necklaces and earrings and a range of bird images for clients' projects.

marquetry trim on guitar guitar trim with hummingbird marquetry design skateboard deck with marquetry decoration
marquetry pendant stands in Art Deco style marquetry earring and pendant stand in the shape of a face
marquetry earring stands in Art Deco style marquetry bracelet stands
marquetry picture of a heron swallow inlay curlew inlay

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