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Are you searching for inspiration?

Some of our customers have been kind enough to send us photographs of their work. Some incorporate our bespoke marquetry or ready-made inlays, some are items made during or following tuition and yet others are 'all their own work' using our glass coasters. Click any image for a closer view.

Do you have an image you would like to share? - just email it to us.

bow made from yew turned jar with lid Restored table with marquetry logo Restored chest with marquetry logo restored chest with marquetry logo Elegant box with marquetry logo heart-shaped trinket box with marquetry lettering chair with marquetry inlay chair with marquetry inlay gavel set with marquetry inlay blanket box with marquetry inlay blanket box with marquetry inlay coasters with watercolour landscapes turned box with marquetry turned box with marquetry cross-stitch coaster bedside table jewellery box clock face trinket boxes music stand box with marquetry coasters coasters jewellery box tray with hummingbird motif jewellery box sewing box jewellery box jewellery box jewellery box turned box snare drum Hand-bound book Hand-bound book snare drum side table side tables veneered tray martial arts sticks backgammon board on plinth Walnut box with rose inlay Wine table with marquetry inlay Fly-tying box with marquetry inlay Turned box with bow inlay Turned box with initial inlay

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