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While I don't totally like kits - as I'd prefer people made their own designs - they are a convenient way to start your journey into marquetry.

The range of kits I produce can be found on the marquetry kits page. From this page you can download the instructions and design sheets from the kits. (Note that some pages, particularly the design sheets are graphic-rich and may take a while to download on some systems)

By all means make up the designs and use them in your own projects, but please do not reproduce the kits or instructions - they have taken me a long time to develop!

"You certainly put a lot of thought and work into your drawings and instructions.
Far easier to get to grips with than the old commercial kits."

Peter White, President, The Marquetry Society.

Marquetry General Instructions

Christmas Decoration Cards - Detailed Instructions

Marquetry Kits - Instructions

Discontinued Kits - Instructions

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