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'Have a Go' Marquetry Kit

Rainbow and heart

Are you an absolute beginner? Then this could be just the kit for you!

The Ernie Ives craft knife.

The pack contains the veneers and instructions to make the attractive rainbow and heart design shown. It also includes an Ernie Ives craft knife with five blades, so you only need something to cut on such as a 'self-healing' craft mat (though a kitchen board will do) some sticky tape and some PVA glue.

Over 18s only please.

background veneer insert veneer

The really clever part of this kit is that the veneers are pre-scored with the design and ready-taped on the reverse, making it much easier to achieve well-fitting pieces and avoid breakout. You still have to do the cutting out, but the scored lines guide your blade.


Also requires:

Read the full instructions

Size of completed picture 100 x 100mm approx.

Price £ 14.00

To purchase, please send a message.

P&P is included for UK orders, charges for overseas may be higher.

NB: if paying by cheque, please make it payable to "Quentin Smith".